Q. How are the rates determined for Prize Indemnity Insurance?     
A. Rates are dependant on the type of risk but is generally determined by our underwriters based on past promotions and the level of difficulty of the promotion.

Q. How expensive is Prize Indemnity Insurance?       
A. The three factors that determine the cost of prize indemnity insurance is the level of difficulty of the promotion, the number of attempts and the prize value to be awarded. The higher the level of difficulty, the fewer the attempts and the lower the prize value, the less expensive it will be.

Q. How expensive is it to insure a One million dollar prize?      
A. The cost of a One Million dollar Prize can be relatively inexpensive if the promotion is more difficult. Furthermore, a one million dollar prize can be awarded as an annuity in 20, 30, or 40 year increments, or as a lump sum. Choosing to award a One million dollar prize value as an annuity significantly reduces the present value and will decrease the premium as opposed to a lump sum payment.

Q. How long does it take to get a quote?      
A. In most cases, your quote will be instantaneous. However, in a situation where your event does not fit the standard criteria for an instant quote, an underwriter will be notified and will respond within 48 hours.

Q. What insurance carriers do you use for Prize Indemnity Insurance?      
A. Our Prize Indemnity program is Best Rated and we have non-admitted paper with AIG, Lloyd’s of London, and Houston Casualty Company.

Q. Are there any exclusions for Basketball and Football Skill Contest?
A. For Basketball: Professionals, former Professionals, or those who played in high school or college within the past 5 years.  For Football: Professionals, former Professionals, or those who played high school or college Football and/or Soccer within the past 5 years. Soccer professionals or former Soccer professionals are also excluded.

Q. Do you provide Surety Bonds and/or Errors and Omissions Insurance?
A. Yes we do provide both. We can streamline the entire bonding process and file all required documents with the applicable states. Simply contact us to get started.