Q. How long does it take to get a quote?       
A. We currently offer automatic quoting for event weather coverage when insuring the peril of rain. If your quote does not qualify for automatic quoting, you will receive a quote within 24 hours of submission, in most cases. For all other coverages which we must address off-line you will still receive a quote within 24 hours of submission, in most cases.

Q. How far in advance do I have to bind coverage?       
A. Coverage must be bound 7 days prior to the first insured date.

Q. My event is taking place within 7 days of today, why can’t I obtain a quote?
A. Weather insurance must be bound within 7 days of the insured event start date. If you are required to obtain Special Event Liability coverage, you can purchase this coverage up until the day prior to the event start date.

Q. What is covered by the Event Weather Policy?       
A. The event weather policy is provided on a stated value basis, which means whatever value is insured, is the amount you will receive in the event of a claim. The policy trigger is determined at time of binding, for example, 1/4 (0.25) inches or more of rain accumulation during the insured hours of 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM.

Q. How do you determine the amount of the premium?
A. There is a predetermined rate that is based on the location and date of the event and the hours of coverage being purchased. Once a rate is determined it is applied to the limit of insurance that is being insured.  Weather Insurance coverage looks at historical weather data specific to your insured location, date and hours of coverage. The more sensitive of a weather risk you wish to insure, the higher the rates will be. Rates are based on the occurrence of an insured peril occurring over a certain number of hours. The more hours you insure the higher the rate so it's important to choose the most critical hours that will affect the success of the event. The earlier hours are usually more important than the later hours because that is when people will decide whether or not to attend.

Q. Can I insure expenses instead of revenue? What about partial revenue?      
A. If unwanted weather comes it is unlikely to be a total wash out, so unlike most traditional insurance coverages, you do not need to insure to full value of expenses or revenue. Determine the expected amount of loss and insure that amount.

Q. What determines how much rain fell at my event?
A. There are three options available when insuring rain accumulation: Closest National Weather Station – The station closest to your event will be identified at the time of quoting. This is a free service and in the event of a claim inquiry, we would look up the data directly from the weather station closest to your event and will be able to determine if a claim was triggered.  Independent Weather Observer (IWO) - An IWO is an individual that you would hire who is qualified to take weather measurements. These individuals can be found at your local university, TV station, Radio station, etc. Once the individual fills out a qualification form that HCCS provides at time of binding he/she will be approved/declined for usage. The insured will be responsible for hiring and paying the IWO per the IWO’s terms, the cost of which is approximately $35 per hour.  WEATHER COMMAND - As an alternative to the nearest national weather service station (which may be too far away) or an on-site weather observer (which may be too expensive), WEATHER COMMAND Service is available as a pre-approved alternative for measuring your insured peril.

Q. What perils can I insure?
A. Weather Insurance can be used to cover perils such as Rain, Snow, Electrical Storm, Wind and Temperature, as well as Adverse Weather which refers to any extreme weather conditions which pose a serious threat to those attending the event. Currently, Rain is the only peril available for coverage through our online system. To submit a quote request for any other peril or risk, please complete the "Weather (non-rain) Application" located above the FAQ section of this site.