Q. What types of events can you provide coverage for, and what excluded events do you have?
A. Some of our acceptable events that we can provide coverage for include, but are not limited to:
Running Races/Events, Fairs and Festivals, Beauty Pageants / Fashion Shows, Concerts (some exclusions include some Rap/Heavy Metal bands), Graduations / Receptions / Weddings, Conventions / Meetings / Trade shows / Consumer Shows, Fundraisers, Dances

         Some of the excluded events are:
         Carnivals, Bars/Nightclubs, Air Shows, Rap/ Hip Hop Concerts, Amusement Parks, Contact Sports / Athletics

Q. What are the coverage exclusions on the Special Event Liability Form? 
A. Standard Exclusions would include:
Described Hazards, Securities and Financial Interests, Collapse of Temporary Structures, Inflatables and Amusement Devices, Attendance Limitation Endorsement, Athletic or Sports Participants, Abuse and Molestation, Stunt Exclusion, Exclusion of Performers, Field of Entertainment Exclusion, Pollution – Nuclear & Asbestos, Employment Related Practices, Fireworks/Pyrotechnics, Fungus, Assault and Battery

Q. What carriers do you use?
A. We have non-admitted paper with Houston Casualty Company and HCC Specialty Insurance Company, Best Rated A+.

Q. What is your policy limit? 
A. Our standard limits are $1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate.  Higher limits are available.

Q. How is the amount of premium determined? 
A. The premium is based on a predetermined rate depending on the type of event, number of attendees, amount of coverage, and risks associated with the event.

Q. How long does it take to get a quote? 
A. If the event fits within the automated underwriting criteria, the quote will be released instantaneously. When criteria is not met for the automated system, we can provide a quote in within 48 hours of submission of the application, in most cases.

Q. How far in advance do I need to bind?
A. We are very flexible as far as a time frame on binding coverage and can usually provide coverage up to one or two days prior to the event date. However, we must receive payment as well as any outstanding information prior to the start of the event.